We have a lot to offer

Wifi is on us! A current Eduroam password is mandatory. You can find more information about Edoroam here. For further information about Eduroam, get in touch with your university or school. In case you have no Eduroam account, you can also set up your own internet connection. For information about this, please send an email to: adlershof@studentendorf.berlin.


The Club and kindergarden are available to all residents, as well as external guests, for celebrations, seminars or other events. Early booking is recommended.Please write to info@studenten-initiative.berlin.


In Adlershof we have a fully equipped gym with modern weight machines and benches. Let`s see what you can do!


The student village is surrounded by a garden where all residents are welcome to hang out with their friends, have a BBQ, play and read.

Learning Lounge

If you need peace and quiet for studying we offer a silent workroom, where you can study without distraction and get prepared for your exams!


A modern launderette with washing machines and dryers is available. You can pay with your debit card.


We offer a charging station for electric vehicles.


Children`s House bees nest

Welcome to the student village nursery in house 9! The nursery offers 30 places, a large garden and a highly qualified team. For more information please visit www.kinderhaus-bienennest.de or contact us directly by phone +49 (0) 151 21 20 74 64, +49 (0) 30 66 06 95 10 or email: sabineschreiber@kinderhaus-bienennest.de.

The bilingual (GER / ENG) kindergarden, based on the pedagogy of Maria Montessori, offers 10 places for children under three and 20 places for children over three. Residents of the students village, HU employees and neighbours can apply.

Rules & Cleanliness
Welcome to Studentendorf Schlachtensee

When people live together in a community, a few rules are necessary! Contribute to our community and respect the rules.

Please take care of the facilities in the house, the furniture, the kitchen and the bathroom facilities. .

Cooking appliances such as kettles and toasters are not allowed in the rooms.

It is your responsibility to ensure all common areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and of course your private rooms are kept clean and tidy. Please remember that your flat mates will appreciate clean rooms and well-maintained facilities. Therefore, food should be stored in cupboards and/or the fridge after eating. Dishes, glasses and cutlery should be cleaned after using and not left lying around. Stove and tables should be wiped. Spoiled food belongs in the garbage, which should be emptied regularly.

Proper heating and ventilation not only helps to save heating costs, but also to avoid moisture damage. A healthy indoor temperature is between 180 C and 200 C. Each room – even in your absence – should maintain a minimum temperature of 150 C.

Open your window wide (even in autumn or winter) for a short time, this will provide you with fresh air. Radiators should be turned off when windows are open. If you feel it is getting too cold in your room quickly close the window again. Ensure that your room doesn’t cool down too much.

Everyone can save energy: Make sure that the lights in the hallway, kitchen and bathroom are not left on all night. If you are not working on your computer for some time, turn it off or put it in sleep mode.

The student villages in Adlershof and Schlachtensee are connected by glass fibre cable to the Eduroam network, for which you need your Eduroam password. Individual routers are not allowed as they lead to disturbances in the Eduroam network.

Water is a precious resource – even in Germany. Therefore do not leave the water running when doing the dishes, but fill the sink with hot water. Drinking water should not be wasted. Should the tap start leaking, please inform us and we will fix it immediately. And remember, high water consumption will lead to higher services charges.

Waste disposal costs money which you pay for with the service charges. Waste separation not only benefits the environment, but can also save you money.

We are more than happy for you to use the garden for BBQs, to party with friends – but please bear in mind that other residents may want to rest, so be considerate. And do not forget to dispose of all waste in the containers provided.

When moving in we charge a security deposit for facilities, which will only be refunded in full in case you leave the room in good condition and there are no open bills.